Transak was able to attract about $20 million.

Why are funds being raised

Transak is a payment startup developed for Web 3.0. According to the latest data, it was able to attract about $ 20 million. During Round A., the financing is managed by the venture capital company CE Innovative Capital.

The company made a press release for CoinDesk. Within its framework, she indicated that she uses the new capital from investments to expand globally and help create on-board solutions in the future. These include Web 3.0 games and financial applications.

At the same time, it is noted that attracting users from Web 2.0 to 3.0 is extremely important. However, the latter has a serious problem — a clumsy interface, which is absolutely inconvenient for many Web 2.0 users. Therefore, many infrastructure projects are trying to solve this problem of interaction with users.

The Web 3.0 platform will be able to integrate Transak's payment or on-board infrastructure. This will simplify operations with crypto assets, which will become natural for Web 2.0 users.

The company itself is responsible for verification, risk research, compliance with regulatory requirements, creation of payment methods and technical support for users. All the necessary products and solutions have been developed for this.

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