The U.S. attorney's office said that some of the charges can be dropped from the former FTX ceo

What is it about?

In the documents that were filed the day before yesterday in the US District Court, it became known that the prosecutor's office wants to drop some of the charges against ex-FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

To begin with, it is worth informing that some of the charges are going to be removed only if the authorities of the Bahamas protest.

This document is submitted in the form of a response to the protection requirements that were sent on the eighth of May. It wanted to get rid of a number of charges from the defendant. At the same time, the defense tried to convince the court that 4 points in the document, including those related to corruption of Chinese officials and violation of legislation on the financing of the election commission, were not listed in the initial conclusion of the prosecution. At the same time, it became the reason for the extradition of the defendant.

Therefore, the defense decided that these points are a violation of the extradition treaty between the countries. As a result, the defense requires it to be rejected.

The prosecutor's office responded by pointing out that there is no prohibition in the contract for the United States to accuse the defendant of new violations. At the moment, the prosecutor's office is trying to get a refusal from the Bahamas.

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