The XDC crypto network was able to gain a foothold in Japan

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The XDC crypto network used to be better known as XinFin. The company decided to expand its presence in Japan. To do this, she entered into a partnership with SBI VC Trade.

Today, representatives of the crypto network made an announcement that the company will be added to the subsidiary of SBI for the exchange of digital assets. The CEO of the crypto exchange made a confirmation of this news.

He said that the company is pleased to expand its own digital asset offerings. To do this, they integrated XDC into their crypto exchange. The company can offer unique and valuable services in the trade and financial market. This will improve the user experience of the company.

Note that at the beginning of spring, the XDC crypto network was able to enter the TOP 5 in terms of altcoin growth. It has grown by 54% in almost a month. The crypto network can support compatibility with EVM smart contracts. It can also be protocols and atomic transfer of coins between crypto networks. At the same time, XDC complies with the ISO-20022 standard.

Recall that SBI is also trying to expand its global presence. For example, last fall she was able to issue a Singapore license.

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