The creator of the Onfocoin cryptocurrency project has been found dead

Onfocoin is a referral crypto project. One of its founders, John Forsyth, was found with a fatal gunshot wound. This was reported by the Associated Press.

Details about the crime

About a week ago, close relatives filed a police report about the disappearance of the co-founder of the crypto project. He also worked as a doctor in the emergency department.

A week later, law enforcement agencies were able to find John's car. She was a couple of kilometers away from her place of work. At the same time, all the things were in an unlocked car.

The younger brother of the deceased reported that he constantly walked with a smartphone and never skipped work. His body was found only the day before yesterday. It was about a 60-minute drive from the last place where it could be seen. The police noted that they do not consider his cryptocurrency activities as a motive for the murder.

Note that the brothers were able to create the Onfocoin crypto project 3 years ago. The startup gave participants the opportunity to receive ONFO tokens by redirecting others to the network mining site."

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