Binance is going to delist confidential coins in 4 European countries

At the end of June, the crypto exchange is going to delist 12 anonymous coins. It is planned to be held in Italy, Spain, Poland and France. The platform sent out relevant letters to the exchange participants from these states.

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The delisting list includes only anonymous cryptomonets such as Zcash, Beam, etc. A representative of the crypto exchange talked to The Block publication. He said that the company tries to support only high-quality crypto projects.

At the same time, he noted that the crypto exchange also strives to comply with local legislation and requirements related to trading anonymous cryptocurrencies. This will allow the company to guarantee high-quality provision to the maximum possible number of users.

Yesterday, the European Banking Authority made a proposal to amend the draft law, which was adopted in April, regarding the control of the MiCA crypto market. According to him, confidential crypto assets carry significant risks with regard to tracking opportunities for money laundering or terrorist financing.

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