Scale Network announced Levitation Protocol based on ZK-Rollups

Scale Network is an Ethereum sidechain. She announced the Levitation protocol, which allows scaling. The development was carried out on the basis of the zero-disclosure proof technology ZK-Rollups.

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The Scale project is an ecosystem that consists of 20 sidechains that are created for specific applications. They function in parallel with Ethereum. The L2 protocol will help developers of decentralized applications to use rollups to seamlessly interact with the network of the second cryptocurrency.

To expand the capabilities of the new protocol, the project team is going to launch an additional first-level blockchain called SKALE G. This will simplify and accelerate the relationship of the L-2 zero-disclosure proof technology with Ethereum.

According to the developers, this system provides a number of advantages, among which there is decentralization, compatibility with modularity, as well as ensuring overall security.

The deployment of the test network is planned in the next few months. The mainnet is going to be launched in the last quarter of this year.

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