In May, the cryptosphere lost more than $ 45 million.

The losses as a result of the rug pull in May are twice as high as the damage as a result of exploits in decentralized financial protocols. The amount of losses amounted to about $ 45 million.

More details

Over the past month, 6 incidents have occurred that are related to the rug pull practice. When tokens are inflated in price, and then funds are abruptly withdrawn from the system.

At the same time, 10 attacks on DEX protocols were carried out. Thanks to this, the attackers were able to get almost $ 20 million. This amount is 80% of what it was in April. According to statistics, these attacks are becoming less and less.

The biggest incident with the rug pull scheme is related to the Fintoch exit scam, a decentralized financial project. It happened last week. According to its results, users lost more than $631 million of their assets.

The biggest damage was caused as a result of the discovery of a bug on the Jimbos site. Hackers were able to withdraw about 7.5 million dollars.

Beosin experts recommend users to look for fraudulent schemes and fully study them together with cryptocurrencies. This will allow for safer investment in digital assets.

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