Rocket Pool began to support zkSync Era

Rocket Pool is a platform with liquid staking. Its creators launched the protocol in Level 2 solutions. Allowing you to scale the Ethereum crypto network. The technology is called zkSync Era.

Details about the solution

The service had previously launched two more second-level networks, called Optimism and Arbitrum. At the moment, zkSync Era includes 58 protocols.

The team reported that this step reduces the barriers to participate in the Proof-of-Take protocol. By keeping the coin utility in the protocol, participants can earn rewards. Additionally, you can use increased speed and slightly reduced transaction fees in the crypto network.

zkSync Era is an EVM-compatible technology. It was built on the basis of proof of zero disclosure. In March, the developers were able to launch the initial version of the protocol on the main network.

Note that this crypto project is in third place in liquid betting, after Lido and Coinbase. We also inform you that last month the 1inch Network project added support for the protocol.

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