Uniswap has not found support in its crypto community regarding payments to liquidity providers

The participants of the Uniswap crypto community decided to vote against the initiative to introduce fees for the use of the project by liquidity providers.

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About 45% of the participants voted negatively regarding the introduction of commissions for using the exchange. The remaining part decided to split up. Moreover, most of it, about 42%, decided to agree with the commissions. At the same time, in their opinion, the amount of fees should be 1/5 of the deposited funds.

However, the second part, which is 13%, was decided. That it is necessary to charge about 1/10 of the deposited funds from liquidity providers.

At the end of last year, we tested this functionality. The results indicated that the participants of the crypto network are more likely to approve of the changes. But some of them expressed concerns about the risks of capital withdrawal, as the profits of liquidity providers will fall.

The vote was held the day before yesterday. However, its results were reported only today. The developers reported that the exchange has the possibility of including a fee for using the protocol. At the same time, they noted that the platform can bring a significant exchange.

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