Elliptic Company will Implement ChatGPT AI to Improve Blockchain Analytics

Elliptic is an analytical organization. Recently, she decided to introduce ChatGPT into her system for accumulating and analyzing data from crypto networks.

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This integration will allow research to create and systematize information about possible risks faster and much more efficiently. The company hopes that the artificial Internet will be able to improve accuracy and scalability. At the same time, the program will be able to organize databases more quickly and correctly.

SEO companies made a statement that Elliptic is proud that they keep up with blockchain innovations and can integrate the latest technologies to improve their work.

The press release also said that the company can cover about 97% of transactions in price form. It should be noted that last month the company integrated functionality on the platform that helps track transactions in the Litecoin network. This happened after the Mimblewimble update was activated.

Recall that the company was able to tell that in the United States, payment for opioids occurs using bitcoins.

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