The developers of Injective integrated the Polygon

Blockchain Injective developers have integrated the Polygon project to ensure the true comparability of decentralized finance.

More details about integration

Due to the fact that native INJ and MATIC coins are partners, it will be possible to use them in their ecosystems. During the movement of tokens between crypto networks, the Wormhole bridge is used, it makes a transformation, thanks to which cryptocurrencies become "wrapped" due to which commission fees are practically not charged.

Representatives of the crypto network reported that thanks to the introduction of the Polygon, their project is getting one step closer to seamless interconnection.

Participants will be given access to a variety of crypto assets and decentralized protocols. A similar situation will apply to liquidity pools, as well as other infrastructure that will be strongly connected to ecosystems.

The project claims that this decision was made to increase the level of liquidity and affordable use in ecosystems. Integration will additionally help crypto communities, allowing for easier transition between crypto networks.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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