The museum is going to return the donations that it received from FTX in the amount of 550 thousand dollars.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in New York. The FTX cryptocurrency exchange, which is currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, donated 550 thousand dollars to him. However, now they are being demanded to be returned.

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Two tranches were sent to the Museum last spring. The first was $ 300 thousand, and the second $ 250 thousand. the funds were received from the FTX crypto exchange-related company West Realm Shires Services.

The document for the court says that as part of discussions with creditors, the museum will return the funds that it received as donations. This initiative is being implemented in accordance with efforts to return donations received from companies, organizations, political figures, etc. According to court documents, we are talking about a possible $93 million.

According to Unusual Whales, at the moment, about 19 out of 180 persons who received donations from the exchange have made the decision to refund the funds.

Recall that the bankruptcy application was filed in November last year. As a result, the prosecutor's office opened 13 criminal cases against the former head of the crypto exchange, including bribery for $ 40 million.

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