Jack Dorsey decided to support the US presidential candidate who is loyal to BTC

SEO Block announced in its account that it supports the US presidential candidate, who supports cryptocurrencies. We are talking about Kennedy Jr.

Details about this

Former galava Twitter, and now, the head of the Block, Jack Dorsey decided to support Kennedy Jr. To another user's question about. Whether the specialist approves or just predicts his victory, Dorsey said that both options.

The candidate is the nephew of the former President. At the same time, he is a Democrat who actively supports digital assets. Two months ago, he made a loud statement that Bitcoin, along with other cryptocurrencies, are an excellent alternative to traditional financial instruments.

Last month, he began to donate in cryptocurrencies. At the Bitcoin 2023 conference, he called the first coin a symbol of democracy and freedom. Prior to that, he spoke out with harsh criticism of the SEC and the FDIC for waging a war against digital assets. He was also against the release of CBCD USA. In his opinion, this will lead to the fact that the digital dollar will be turned into a social monitoring and control tool.

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