The Atomic Wallet problem continues to make losses

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet. Its participants received at least $35 million in damage due to hacking. This information was shared by onchain analyst ZachXBT.

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According to statistics, there are five largest losses. Their total amount was $17 million. At the same time, only one user lost almost $ 8 million.

The expert believes that the victims could have lost more than $ 50 million. He explains this by the fact that he still finds victims. The team itself reported that they were aware of the compromise of crypto wallets. At the moment they are investigating and analyzing the problem.

The developers claim that the last unauthorized operation was carried out on June 3. This problem could affect at least 1% of monthly active network members. At the same time, the application is used by about 5 million users.

The team also stated that it had contacted the largest crypto exchanges and blockchain analytics companies. They asked for help in crypto research. For example. SlowMist has created a form that will help you find stolen assets.

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