Bitcoin's volatility turned out to be less than that of Meta and Amazon stocks

Monthly moving average for Bitcoin volatility. If you recalculate for a year, it has greatly decreased. Previously, the asset was characterized by an indicator in the region of 71%. However, now it reaches only 32%.

Details about the falling volatility of BTC

According to the latest data, bitcoin has become more stable than the popular shares of Meta and Amazon companies. Their data reach 44% and 34% each. This was reported by The Block website.

Experts stressed that this summer may be the most peaceful since the memorable 2020. In 2022, the indicators were exactly the opposite. This was due to the fall of the Terra ecosystem and Three Arrows Capital. They entailed significant fluctuations in the price.

The current BTC volatility index is higher than that of traditional gold or Apple.

The vice president of LedgerPrimer noted that she does not think that bitcoin will have low volatility all the time. In her opinion, large price fluctuations will return in the fall.

Recall that Arthur Hayes refuted all forecasts of a significant growth of bitcoin this year. However, he believes that such an opportunity may be in 2024.

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