VanEck experts predict that ETH will cost almost 12 thousand dollars.

The fair value of Ethereum should be $5.3 thousand. At the same time, by 2030, the asset price in theory will reach about $ 11.8 thousand. These estimates were announced in VanEck.

More details about the asset price

VanEck announced such data after a scenario model was added in which cryptocurrencies are used as an alternative to US government bonds.

The reason why the methodology was changed was called the Shapella update. Thanks to him, users were able to start withdrawing coins from the staking system. Experts, making calculations, assumed that Ethereum would be able to occupy about 70% of the crypto market of smart contracts.

Such an opportunity may appear if Ethereum becomes the leading settlement crypto network. At the same time, it houses most of the commercial activity that has the highest potential for acquiring benefits when transferring it to the blockchain system.

At the same time, according to the most optimistic scenario, the price of Ethereum will reach more than 51 thousand dollars by 2030. There is also a pessimistic forecast: the current fair price is slightly more than $ 155, and by 2030 it will rise to $ 343.

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