Binance could control accounts Binance.US

Guangying Cheng is the executive director of the Binance crypto exchange. According to the information received, in 2019-2020 inclusive, she controlled some accounts of Silvergate Bank.

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The headmistress in these years could control the accounts of the above bank. At the same time , they theoretically belonged to an independent Binance.US . She could also manage an account that held funds from clients from the United States. Such data was reported by Reuters, referring to documents that were actively studied.

According to the publication, she could move assets that were stored in bank accounts. After internal messages were studied, experts were able to find out that Binance employees.We contacted the head office to process payments, including those that covered employees' salaries.

The agency believes that the executive director remained in control of these accounts until at least 2021. However, the journalists could not prove that a withdrawal was made from the deposit accounts of the American branch.

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