Binance Announced a strong defense against the SEC

It is known that the SEC department has announced a hunt for cryptocurrency platforms. Binance was no exception. In response to the lawsuit she received yesterday, the exchange announced a decisive fight with the regulator.

What is it about?

The SEC office stated that most cryptocurrencies fit the concept of securities. Therefore, the sites that are engaged in their trade must have the appropriate licenses and other permits. 

As a result, the agency began to actively file lawsuits against various crypto exchanges, including Binance. The platform replied that it was ready to resolutely fight the pressure of the regulator. At the same time, they are actively cooperating with the department to deal with the problem before the trial.

Representatives of the platform are sure that the SEC wants to unilaterally determine the structure of the cryptocurrency market. Binance reported that the commission wants to regulate using the law as a heavy battering ram and litigation. At the same time, they do not use a well-thought-out detailed approach principle, which is necessary within the framework of a dynamic and complex technology.

The crypto exchange also denied rumors that it puts users' investments at risk. Representatives reported that they keep assets strictly adhering to a high level of security and protection.

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