Hacker Who Hacked Atomic Wallet Brought Crypto Assets to cryptomixer

Not so long ago, the Atomic Wallet crypto wallet was hacked. According to the data, about $ 35 million was stolen. Elliptic specialists tracked the withdrawn coins.

Where did the tokens go from wallets

Representatives of Elliptic Investments published a post that about $ 35 million from the Atomic Wallet crypto wallet is laundered using Sinbad, a cryptocurrency mixer.

At the same time, experts found that this cryptocurrency mixer was actively used by a group of hackers Lazarus Group, related to North Korea.

With the help of the Sinbad cryptomixer, coins were passed, the amount of which amounted to over 100 million in dollar equivalent. This also includes assets that were stolen after the Axie infinity hack. Then the amount of the abduction was about $ 600 million. Also, part of the funds stolen as a result of cyber attacks on the Horizon cross-chain bridge passed through this mixer, the losses from which reached about $ 100 million.

At the same time, Elliptic did not report how much money was included in the cryptomixer. They only reported that the crypto assets were first converted to Bitcoin, and then they passed through the mixer.

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