A bitcoin farm opens in El Salvador: Tezer has invested about a billion in it

Tezer Company issues a stable USDT coin. She decided to participate in the first round of investment in the Volcano Energy project. The cost was about 1 billion.

What is the Volcano Energy project?

Volcano Energy is a fairly large-scale project, the essence of which is to mine cryptocurrency using renewable energy sources. In this case, they are going to use the sun and wind.

The total capacity of the facility is planned to be around 240 MW. At the same time, the hashrate will have to reach 1.3 EH/s. 

At the first stage, a quarter of the planned was attracted. The amount amounted to about $ 250 million. However, the Tether crypto companies did not report how much they actually invested in the project.

The statement says that the company will not only be an investor, but also a consultant. The initiative is being implemented as part of a public-private project. In kayachestvo, the general director was appointed Josu Lopez. Max Kaiser became the head of the board of directors. Recall that he founded the company Heisenberg Capital. He is also an American television presenter.

Paolo Ardoino made a statement that the project is one of the newest strategic initiatives in which Tezer will invest. They will be happy to cooperate with Lopez. The goal is to establish El Salvador as a global force producing renewable energy. These investments also allow the company to diversify its strategic ecosystem.

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