Bank in Poland hires launched vacancies in the metaverse

We are talking about the financial organization Bank Polski. He launched a job offer fair by placing it in the metaverse. This happened for the first time in the country.

What are the bank's plans?

Some users were able to make an appointment for a personal interview with the recruits of a financial organization. Its representatives made a statement that the bank is constantly looking for new options for interaction with specialists

In the future, a financial institution wants to expand its location in decentralized metaverses. This list includes Decentraland and The Sandbox. Additionally, the bank wants to build VR models of its own branches.

This financial institution is a leader in providing mobile banking services in the country. It serves about 12 million users. This includes those who use the IKO mobile app. According to statistics, it has been downloaded about 7.4 million times.

Note. That at the end of last year, Fidelity Investments, an asset management organization, decided to register three trademarks that are associated with metaverses, non-interchangeable tokens, cryptocurrency trading and virtual real estate.

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