The cryptocurrency startup was able to raise about $ 19 million thanks to Sam Altman

We are talking about a crypto startup planning to engage in life insurance. It's called Meanwhile. Representatives of the project said that they are closing two seed rounds of financing. Their amount was about $19 million.

Who held the fundraiser?

The first seed round was held by the CEO of the well-known Openal company Sam Altman. The second round was conducted with the help of the Google Gradient Ventures AI fund.

The press release says that the project has become the only insurance company offering products denominated in digital assets.

Due to the financing, the project will be able to issue a license in Bermuda. She also plans to expand the team to launch the first service. We are talking about life insurance. At the same time, Bitcoin acts as collateral.

The head of the crypto project said that Bitcoin is now on its way to eventually turn into a global means of saving. It can also become a functional asset. If you combine with AI, then there will be the potential to provide life insurance with a full stack. At the same time, their goal is to reach over a billion customers worldwide.

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