A non-custodial GRIN4 wallet together with a cryptobot

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, there are difficulties not only with understanding how to do it, but also the disparity of services. A crypto wallet on one, a bot on the other, an exchange on the third. As a result, time and profit are lost. The GRIN4 ecosystem has combined absolutely everything in one place, providing a high level of security and preserving the anonymity of users.

Who created the GRIN4 ecosystem and why?

According to representatives of the ecosystem, the creator is an active trader with considerable experience in trading cryptocurrencies. At one time, he got tired of "running" between services, switching from one to another to trade digital assets.

At the same time, he was looking for platforms that would help him combine trade. However, the developers did not want to add additional functionality. Therefore, he decided to create his own ecosystem that will fulfill a number of requirements:

  • Anonymity.
  • Safety.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Convenience.
  • Profitability.

Based on these five points, the GRIN4 ecosystem was created. It includes a non-custodial wallet with the ability to connect other services, a terminal with cryptocurrency exchanges and a trading bot with flexible settings.

At the same time, only cryptobot is paid. The rest of the functionality is provided absolutely free of charge. The ecosystem provides extensive opportunities for successful trading of cryptocurrency assets, minimizing risks and allowing you to maximize profits.

How does the GRIN4 ecosystem work?

For successful trading, it is necessary to use absolutely all the functionality. The more exchanges and wallets you connect, the higher your capabilities will become. Or rather, to be more precise, a bot. It has extensive functionality and is able to simultaneously work with several cryptocurrency exchanges at once. To do this, it is enough to connect them.

The work is simple and transparent. You set up a cryptobot according to a well-thought-out strategy, having previously connected the necessary exchanges for trading and wallets. This is done literally in a few clicks. The setup also does not cause difficulties.

After you launch the cryptobot, you can configure the next one. The ecosystem does not make any restrictions on their number. At the same time, you can run them in parallel to maximize profits.

A cryptocurrency bot can also work simultaneously on different exchanges, bringing profit on the difference in the rates of cryptocurrencies. This allows you to get the maximum profit in a short time.

What are the distinctive features of the GRIN4 ecosystem?

Due to the fact that the trader was directly involved in the development, absolutely all the features and nuances of cryptocurrency trading are taken into account here. We will highlight the main advantages:

  1. Complete anonymity of users. No personal data is required for registration here. You can use email for this. Nothing else is required.
  2. The subscription to the bot is paid via the USDT stablecoin. Thanks to this, you also remain anonymous no matter what. At the same time, the subscription price becomes cheaper if you make it for the long term.
  3. It gives a great start for beginners. Not all users can pay for a subscription right away. Therefore, a free version of the bot is provided here. At the same time, a commission of 25% of the profit received for his work is charged. In other words, until you get into the plus, you will not have to pay for the bot!
  4. Complete security. Exchanges are connected via secure API keys. The access level is determined by you yourself. Wallets are also connected via a non-custodial system. This means that the ecosystem administration will not have access to them.
  5. No cookies or other data collection. The site does not collect any files "to improve the operation of the service", which carry significant risks for users. Even if the ecosystem can be hacked (which is almost impossible), hackers will not be able to get absolutely no data. After all, there is nothing on the site itself!
  6. Full comfort and profit maximization. For those who work in the short term, it is especially important to quickly catch the moments of buying and selling an asset. Thanks to the GRIN4 ecosystem, you don't have to jump between services to perform the necessary operations or perform functions. All in one place and in click-through accessibility.
  7. Flexible settings for absolutely any strategy. With the help of a cryptobot, you can trade both in the short term at the moment and in money within a few months or a year. You decide how, how much and where you will trade by developing your own strategy.

If you have no experience in trading, then this is also not a problem. When starting the bot, you can choose SMART AUTO mode. It contains templates of settings for various strategies: short and long. Thanks to this, you don't need a lot of knowledge to run the bot.

To protect against risks, there is a flexible system of stop losses, take profits and grid orders. You can also enable auto-switching of cryptopars. Thanks to this, your assets will only grow.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

We have created a bot to make money on crypto exchanges. You set the settings, and he trades 24/7. Manage all assets from one service: with your own hands or with the help of algorithmic trading. Anonymously. Simply. Stress-free.