Lawyers of the crypto exchange Binance demand the removal of the head of the SEC from the case

Gary Gensler currently heads the SEC department, which has announced a hunt for cryptocurrency platforms. However, in 2019, he applied for a position as an adviser to the cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, the lawyers demand his recusal.

What exactly do Binance lawyers require?

In 2019, Gary Gensler was not the head of the SEC department. According to the exchange's lawyers, in the spring of that year, he applied for the position of adviser to the cryptocurrency exchange. At the same time, he personally met with the founder of the crypto platform Changpeng Zhao in the land of the Rising Sun.

The lawyer of the exchange claims that Gensler should be removed from the conduct of this case, for the above reasons. He may also have significant information to testify.

The letter additionally states that Gensler should address the House of Representatives on financial Services that year with regard to the Libra cryptocurrency. It is said that the head of the SEC sent the founder of the crypto exchange a copy of his own speech to consult.

In his testimony, Gensler says that he does not consult for financial, technological, blockchain-related, etc. companies. Additionally, he claims that he has no digital assets.

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