Bitcoin whale conducted a transaction for $ 37 million, which was stored for 10 years

Almost 1,433 bitcoins were transacted from an unknown address. At the time of the operation, the amount was about $ 37.8 million. These coins have been "sleeping" for 10 years.

What is known about the crypto account?

The data is provided by Lookonchain. According to their information, the investor bought Bitcoin on April 9, 2013. Then the token rate was about $195 per token.

At the moment, the price of bitcoin is $ 26,471. Over the past 24 hours, the coin has been able to rise by 1.7 percent. Such data is provided by the CoinGecko service.

Recall that in April, "sleeping" bitcoins in the amount of 400 coins were also transferred. Their cost at the time of the operation was about $ 11 million. at the same time, the tokens have been stored since 2011.

Also that month, 278 bitcoins began to move, which were stored for more than 10 years. Even earlier, more than 6 thousand coins were spent. These coins "slept" for about 9 years. According to the Telegram channel GFiSchannel, these transactions can be carried out by the first owner of the Mt.Gox cryptocurrency exchange, as well as the creator of the Ripple cryptocurrency — Jed McCaleb.

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