The malfunction of the Arbitrum caused a short-term failure of operations

Yesterday, the developers of the Arbitrum crypto network were able to quickly fix a bug in the sequencer mechanism. It caused a short-term delay in conducting operations on Ethereum.

Why did this happen

The Arbitrum is an L2 network. Therefore, it combines operations into packets in order to send them to one transaction in Ethereum. This reduces the load on the main network and reduces commissions.

The creation and sending of packets is carried out by a sequencer. It was in his code, which is used in on-chain publications, that a bug was found.

The team noted that as a result of the malfunction, there was a short pause to complete transactions in the crypto network. Otherwise, the system worked stably.

Due to the fact that the operation was not executed, it caused the funding mechanism to be out of sync. It includes 2 wallets: sequencer and commission refund. The first one has a standard balance at a minimum, and the second one executes the program.

Since the operation was not completed, the sequencer could not receive a refund of the 5 coins spent. As a result, the transaction package was not sent either. Now everything is working normally.

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