SEO Soros Fund has made a statement that Cryptocurrencies are ready to become part of TradFi

Soros Fund is an investment fund. It is headed by Don Fitzpatrick. She has a positive attitude to cryptocurrencies, without looking back at the claims of the regulator against crypto platforms.

What is the head's opinion about cryptocurrencies

Dawn talked to Bloomberg. During the conversation, she said that current financial companies can become leaders in the cryptocurrency industry. 

At the same time, the expert believes that the current proceedings with the SEC are a problem that allows familiar financial companies to enter the crypto market to establish their own rules and regulations.

Mid-level clients will also be able to benefit from such associates. After all, regulated companies will be able to properly divide their clients' crypto assets. 

At the same time, Fitzpatrick indicated that the headlines of the current time say that cryptocurrency platforms could win if there were more experienced participants. There are old and simple rules of how to act with user assets. She believes that over the entire lifetime of crypto assets, they were managed incorrectly.

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