The American branch of Binance will remove 10 crypto pairs, and will also suspend over-the-counter trading

Today at 19-00 Moscow time Binance.US will remove ten trading crypto pairs that are associated with bitcoin and BUSD. This will affect the category of extended crypto trading.

What cryptopars are we talking about?

The branch of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has included in the list such cryptocurrencies as ATOM, DCH, DOT, LRC MANA UNI, VET, XTZ paired with Bitcoin. HBAR and ONE are removed paired with BUSD.

The platform was also going to remove several cryptopars with the USDT stablecoin. But we decided to celebrate this initiative, as users asked for it.

The American branch also announced that it was suspending the OTC trading platform. when the shutdown occurs, it will be notified additionally. However, we are talking about weeks or months. They will look at the situation.

On June 5, the SEC filed a lawsuit against the main site of Binance and its founder. 13 claims were made against her. Later it turned out that the same accusations were made towards FTX. It also became known that on June 6, the lawsuit was already directed against Coinbase.

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