Coinbase will not adjust its business model due to the accusations of the regulator

The Cpinbase crypto exchange refuses to stop providing services or change the listing as a result of the regulator's accusations. This was reported by the site management.

What is known about the situation at the moment

Recently, the SEC filed a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency platform. The agency has made claims that the exchange has not registered as a securities trading platform. This applies to tokens that have been recognized by the regulator.

The agency also drew attention to the Coinbase Earn staking. The head of the CoinDesk platform said that there will be no folding of the staking service. He also noted that these court proceedings are just business.

At the same time, Brian Armstrong noticed that the listing brings about 3 percent of the total net profit to the site. The leading lawyer of the site also gave answers to The Block publication. He noted that the platform is not going to exclude the listing from its assets yet. He also claims that the crypto exchange adds cryptocurrencies only after conducting a thorough analysis and has full confidence in them.

He noted that they are dealing with a legitimate and positive business that shows high productivity. Therefore, they will conduct their activities until they can make sure that this is indeed a violation of the law.

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