American branch of Binance suspends deposits in USD

Binanse.US has announced that it is suspending dollar deposits. The platform also gave recommendations to users about the withdrawal of fiat funds by June 13. To do this, you should use the automated clearing house (ACH) system.

Reasons for the suspension of dollar deposits

Starting from June 13, banks acting as partners of the Binance platform.US will begin to block channels for the withdrawal of dollars. This is due to the constant pressure of the regulators. Such information was provided by representatives of the cryptocurrency platform.

Earlier this week, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Binance and its founder. 13 charges have been brought. As a result, problems began with the American division of the crypto exchange.

Representatives of the platform claim that the regulator is working on aggressive and intimidating tactics, conducting an ideological campaign against the American cryptocurrency sphere. This ruthless policy has caused problems for the banks with which the platform works.

Also yesterday it became known that the American division will delist cryptocurrencies that are associated with bitcoin and USD. However, trading instruments with USDT will continue to work.

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