Ethereum Co-Founder Is Going to Support COVID-19 Research

Vitalik Buterin, together with the head of the Landfill, Sandip Naival, announced that they would allocate $ 100 million for the study of the covid pandemic.

Which fund will they invest in?

The Ethereum co-founder said that last year the CryptoRelief Foundation, headed by Sandeep Naival, allocated about $ 100 million to conduct research on COVID. Buterin also wanted to participate in it. Therefore, this year they discussed this situation with Naival and decided to continue funding such initiatives. In their opinion, they are highly efficient and they need additional grants.

The developer also noted that the covid pandemic, like other diseases, showed the need to find global solutions that would include innovative approaches and practical experience around the world.

He also stated that he personally finances $10 million. The head of the Landfill founded the foundation in the spring of 2021. The organization's website states that together with Buterin, they were able to raise about $58 million in grants to fight the pandemic. At the moment, the fund has over $ 20 million in its account.

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