Kraken launches its own NFT marketplace

The Kraken crypto exchange has announced that it is launching its own platform for trading NFT. The closed beta testing has already passed.

What to expect from the new marketplace

The marketplace has integration with the Polygon crypto network. Additionally, the site has increased the number of collections to 250. This also includes Reddit avatars. Note that there used to be 70 collections.

According to representatives of Kraken, the site will not have commission fees for conducting operations. NFT can be bought with both digital assets and conventional currencies using bank cards.

The company's blog reports that regardless of the situation — the DeFi drop that causes FOMO, or the huge growth of DeFi trading, commission fees will not be charged for the purchase of NFT.

The platform has signed a cooperation with Williams Racing (Formula 1 team). Owners of non-interchangeable tokens can take part in the competition, the prize of which is the installation of NFT on a racing car.

According to the team, this is just the beginning. In the future, they are only going to expand, adding collections, contests and functionality.

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