The Ethereum development team has finished discussing the nuances of the Dencun hard fork

A team of specialists held a teleconference. During it, they were able to discuss and approve the nuances of the upcoming hard fork of the crypto network. We are talking about Dencun. It will be held this year.

What is known about Dencun

The hard fork is mainly aimed at improving the performance of the Ethereum EIP-4844. It is also called Proto-Danksharding. This functionality allows you to scale the blockchain. To do this, it introduces a different type of operations that are used to generate huge arrays of blob blocks of information. 

It also allows you to create a way to store them. This will reduce the commission fees for L2 initiatives based on Rollups.

The update will also make other changes to the EIP:

  • 1153 — will reduce the amount of fees for storing open data. Will improve the optimization of space in blocks. It will increase the efficiency of crosschain bridges and staking.
  • 5656 — will make an adjustment to the Ethereum EVM.
  • 6780 — deletes the code. Perhaps it is he who does not allow smart contracts to work properly.

At the same time, the developers have not yet been able to decide on the final activation date of the hard fork. It is expected that it will be held before the end of this year.

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