Binance employees can be monitored — a warning from Zhao

The founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Changpeng Zhao told his specialists that law enforcement agencies can monitor their internal correspondence.

Where did Zhao get such conclusions from

Zhao sent a memo to employees, which was published by reporter Colin Wu. It says that the crypto exchange cooperates with law enforcement agencies. At the same time, they immediately require accounts from chats. Therefore, everything that employees write can become public in the courtroom or on the Internet.

At the same time, the founder drew attention to a tweet where a dialogue was published between ex-CEO Sam Lin and another specialist of the exchange. In it, private traders discussed the bonuses of the BNB crypto coin and its possible complete fall. Lin also said in it that the exchange functions as an unlicensed securities platform.

The SEC used this correspondence as evidence in its lawsuit. Zhao himself says that this correspondence was more than 5 years ago. However, it is still damaging the reputation of the site.

Recall that on the 5th, the SEC filed a lawsuit against the exchange. This week there have been many changes in the work of the American branch, ranging from the delisting of some crypto pairs, ending with the suspension of deposits.

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