Solana and Polygon criticize the SEC for the given classification of cryptocurrencies

On Saturday, representatives of the Solan cryptocurrency protested against the SEC's recognition of the native SOL token as a security. A similar protest was expressed by the Polygon team regarding its MATIC token.

What do the representatives of the coins say

The SEC office said that all coins that do not work on the Bitcoin blockchain are securities. It indicated this in the lawsuits it filed against the two largest crypto exchanges – Binance and Coinbase.

Solan's team reacted to this by stating that they did not agree with this definition of their coin. At the same time, they stressed that they are happy to cooperate with the government in order to form legal clarity for many American entrepreneurs engaged in cryptocurrencies.

The Polygon team also made its statement on the same day. They reported that the project is globally focused on the entire world community, and the network is deployed beyond American borders. At the same time, the coin is an important part of the technology that guarantees the full security of the ecosystem.

According to Coingecko, these cryptocurrencies are "neighbors" in terms of capitalization. Because of the department, their cost has fallen by almost 30% each.

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