Attack on Sturdy Finance: a loss of about 770 thousand dollars.

Sturdy Finance is a landing decentralized financial protocol. He was attacked, as a result of which approximately 442 ETH was stolen. The amount is about 770 thousand dollars.

What is known about the attack

BlockSec specialists were able to find out that the hacker used a re-entry error that was on the Balancer. He also manipulated the price oracle to change the value in –stETH-STABLE.

According to experts, the hacker used a multi-stage scheme, involving flash credit and smart contracts in hacking. The development team has already confirmed this attack. She also said that she would share the details as soon as she could.

At the moment, the team has suspended all markets. There are no additional risks. Nothing is needed from users either.

However, some participants of the crypto network wrote in the comments that they have problems with the withdrawal of assets from the system. Also, according to open data, it is clear that the hacker was able to send the stolen funds to the Torndo Cash cryptomicker.

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