Over the past 7 days, bitcoin miners have been able to send $71 million worth of coins to crypto exchanges.

Over the past week, miners were able to send bitcoins to the sites, the cost of which amounted to almost $ 71 million. such data was provided by Glassnode specialists.

What data are provided by experts

Experts claim that this is the third largest influx of bitcoins for the entire time of its existence. The peak value was more than $100 million. this happened in 2021, when the bull market was taking place.

According to CryptoQuant, the reserves of the first digital gold on the American cryptocurrency exchanges fell below the value of 50%. This shows the levels of 2017. Bitcoin has also lost its dominance in spot trading in the US by 21%.

Analysts believe that assets are moving to other platforms due to proceedings with the SEC. According to CryptoQuant experts, US regulators are creating huge obstacles for the cryptocurrency business. Therefore, American platforms have lost leadership to offshore and international companies in terms of the number of bitcoins stored with them.

Experts also say that Ethereum stocks are also falling. About 56% of the total volume is already located outside the American territory. In addition, the market capitalization of dollar stable coins decreased by 35%. Losses amounted to about $15 billion.

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