The attacker who hacked the Atomic Wallet sent coins to Garantex

Some funds that were stolen from the Atomic Wallet crypto wallet were sent by the hacker to the Russian Garantex crypto exchange. This information was provided by Elliptic specialists.

What experts were able to find out

Elliptic experts pointed out that attackers from the Lazarus Group (a North Korean hacker group), who may be behind the theft of funds, used the Garantex platform to transfer the stolen into bitcoin. After that, the assets were transferred to cryptomixer Sinbad.

The company also stated that the attackers corrected the method of money laundering. They explained this by the successful methods of organizing their freezing on other trading platforms.

Recall that the Garantex crypto exchange was opened in 2019. We registered her in Estonia. However, the basis of the activity was transferred to the Russian capital. In the spring of last year, sanctions were imposed on her. The reason was the alleged holding of over 100 million, illegal assets.

Cryptomixer Sinbad, according to the company, is the legacy of cryptoservice Blender.io . He also came under US sanctions last year. It is believed that the funds that were stolen from Horizon were laundered through it.

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