JPMorgan's opinion: Crypto platforms will have to get a license in SEC

Crypto exchanges operating in the United States are very likely to receive licenses from the SEC as brokers. Digital currencies will become securities. This was reported by the bank's strategists.

What the experts say

Experts say that this situation will put significant pressure on the crypto industry. At the same time, the bank assumes that this method has advantages. Cryptocurrencies will be regulated under the same legislation as traditional ones.

Earlier, the SEC filed lawsuits, starting legal proceedings with the sites of Binance and Coinbase. According to the agency, they trade unregistered securities. 

The exchange's specialists also added that the SEC's activities will lead to the vital need to develop a clear regulatory framework. In their opinion, until there is clarity, crypto activity will leave the territory of the United States to other countries and decentralized platforms. At the same time, venture investment in the industry will stop.

The formation of new rules will free the industry from negative practices and scammers. This will allow the industry to mature, and participants to see the increased activity of institutions.

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