Haru Invest platform suspends asset withdrawal

Haru Invest is a platform dealing with the management of cryptocurrency assets in South Korea. She decided to suspend the withdrawal of assets and deposits. At the same time, he refers to troubles with cooperating services.

What is known about the situation

The team of the site made a statement indicating that the site is investigating the problem. An action plan is also being developed if force majeure circumstances occur. They will definitely fix the problem.

At the same time, the team of the site did not inform who this partner was who was able to influence the activities of the site. Local media report that the platform's office, located in the capital of South Korea, is currently closed. The director of the site immediately responded by saying that they were worried about the safety of the staff. He said that the employees are working remotely now.

The co-founder of the site, who used to be the technical director, said that the situation may be exclusively internal. He wrote that, in his opinion, the closure of accounts on Linkeln is consistent with the guiding vision of the legal entity at the appropriate level. He believes that it is necessary to wait for the official position of the site.

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