Polygon v2.0: what is it?

Polygon Labs has published a project with many modifications for the crypto network. Within its framework, changes will be made to the Polygon, forming a "value level" for all participants.

What information was given about Polygon v2.0?

The developers reported that, similar to the Internet, which allows creating and exchanging data, the value level will become the main protocol for creating, exchanging and programming.

They also reported that the adjustment will make access to the global economy more democratic. Thanks to this approach, it will be possible to provide decentralized financing. Virtual property will also appear, new methods of interaction will be formed, etc.

The team's message says that v2.0 is a set of updates in which absolutely all Polygon elements have been revised. This applies both to the architecture of the protocol itself and to management. In other words, absolutely everything will be affected.

In the near future, the development team will begin reviewing each element of the v2.0 structure, publishing relevant posts about it.

Recall that the Polygon team criticized the SEC for their definition of the MATIC coin as a security. 

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