Changpeng Zhao said that the exchange does not sell Bitcoin and BNB

Rumors have been actively appearing in social networks recently that the Binance crypto exchange is selling absolutely all stocks of the first cryptocurrency in order to protect BNB prices.

What rumors are going around

The main source of rumors is Twitter. So, a user under the nickname JW wrote that spot bitcoin is being sold, at the expense of which BNB is being bought. Thanks to this, the coin is protected from liquidation, which should occur at around $ 220. However, this also, according to him, limits the possible growth of bitcoin. He also called it a "house of cards."

The second user, using the nickname Skew, made a confirmation of these conjectures. He believes that the crypto exchange sells bitcoins for USDT in order to transfer the funds received to BNB. After that, the coin is sold for BUSD. It is re-routed to Bitcoin. Due to this, they are trying to suppress volatility in the decline. The user added that in fact the exchange manipulates the market, plotting something. She probably wants to prevent the coins from falling.

The founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Changpeng Zhao reacted to these rumors. He said that the platform does not sell cryptocurrencies at the moment. At the same time, she still has the coins of the bankrupt FTX crypto exchange. He added: it's amazing that other users can determine who the seller is, focusing only on the price chart, which is attended by millions of traders from all over the planet.

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