Blur will unlock 195 million coins

Blur is a platform for trading non—interchangeable tokens. Today, she is going to remove the lock from more than 195 million coins of the same name. The amount will be about $62 million.

What is known about the unlocked coins

The volume of unlocked tokens will be about 6.5% of the total issue. At the same time, it will be about 40% of the current supply on the market.

About 115.6 million tokens belong to the main developers. About 75 million are held by investors. Only almost 5 million belongs to the project's advisors.

At the beginning of spring last year, the site was able to attract about 11 million. investments. The round was led by Paradigm. At the beginning of this year, an additional $ 15-30 million was raised. The estimate was $ 1 billion. at the same time, an airdrop of the coin occurred.

Lookonchain experts noticed that the large owners of the coin began to be highly active. Some of them were able to earn significantly by trading coins.

They also noted that some investors got rid of the token, and at a loss. One of them lost about 68% of the purchase price, the other went to a loss of 51%.

According to CoinGecko, the coin has fallen by 30% in a week. Now the cost is around 0.3 dollars. It is close to the historical minimum of $ 0.295. on the day of the airdrop, the cost was more than $ 5 per token.

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