Binanse.US and SEC must compromise — court decision

Last week, the SEC sent an emergency petition to block the assets of the American Binance platform. In response, the exchange asked not to do this, as it will not be able to work.

What is known by the court decision

Yesterday, the court was supposed to make a decision on the SEC Commission's petition, which it sent last week. According to sources, he obliged the parties to seek a compromise. 

The court explained this by saying that it is necessary to protect client assets, and the exchange itself should continue its work. At the same time, the exchange is obliged to provide a list of its expenses by lunch tomorrow.

Note that when the Sec filed its petition, the founder of the crypto exchange also reacted. He said then that even if the court approves the freezing of assets, the decision will affect only the American branch. The international platform will not be touched. At the same time, the day before yesterday, the exchange was able to challenge this petition, calling it draconian and very burdensome.

Journalist Katie Buhler reported that the judge could not make an accurate decision regarding the freezing of assets. She demanded to find an agreement. At the same time, Bloomberg reports that the judge drew attention to the similarity of the parties in the issue of protecting users' funds. So she sent them to a justice of the peace to get a compromise. If it is reached, then she will not have to make a decision.

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