Michael Saylor believes that bitcoin will have multiple growth due to regulation

Judging by the statements and actions of the SEC department, it can be concluded that a springboard has been created for the subsequent bull market for bitcoin. This was reported by Michael Saylor (creator of MicroStrategy) in an interview with Bloomberg.

What did Saylor mean

The entrepreneur believes that due to the accuracy in regulation, bitcoin technology will be introduced more rapidly. At the same time, confusion and concern will be eliminated, because of which institutionals do not want to enter the industry. Along with this, the dominance of the first cryptocurrency will increase as soon as the crypto industry can rationalize bitcoin. It will become, sort of, mainstream.

The specialist also drew attention to the fact that most of the accusations of the department go towards tokens that have signs of a security. 

However, the department perceives bitcoin as an exchange commodity. The Commission decided that the first cryptocurrency is completely decentralized. Saylor believes that the regulation of stable and other coins will enable bitcoin to regain its dominance, reaching an indicator of more than 80% in the market.

He also stated that society is becoming aware of the future of digital gold. The next logical step for him will be a tenfold increase. Later, such an increase in the price will be repeated several more times.

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