New data on damage to Atomic Wallet after hacking

Users have announced their losses in the non-custodial Atomic Wallet crypto wallet. According to Elliptic, the amount amounted to more than $ 100 million.

What is known about the hack at the moment

Now the company is tracking more than 5.5 thousand cryptocurrency wallets. These are the ones that, according to experts, were compromised due to hacking.

Thanks to Elliptic's measures, which it took, cryptocurrency assets were frozen. The amount was more than one million dollars. Now analysts are trying to find the rest of the stolen funds.

Experts additionally use blockchain analytics, which have data on crypto wallets. We are talking about those that are used by the Garantex crypto exchange. Recall that last year it was sanctioned by the US government. According to experts, it was used by hackers to launder some of the stolen funds.

Note that since the beginning of June, several crypto wallets have been compromised. As a result, according to preliminary estimates, this led to a loss of about $ 35 million. Experts were able to track that the funds were sent via Garantex to the Sinbad cryptocurrency mixer. 

Yesterday, the Atomic Wallet administration was summoned for questioning in Kazakhstan. Law enforcement agencies demanded logs from the servers. Also note that users have a conflict of interest with the administration. This is due to the fact that clients require the provision of data on the operation of the crypto wallet.

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