Financial marketplaces in Russia can issue their own CFAs

Yesterday, the State Duma adopted the law in the third reading. It allows financial platforms to issue or exchange digital financial assets. This data was provided by the Interfax publication.

Before the third reading, the law was corrected: what is in it

With the help of financial platforms or marketplaces, both banking and insurance services will be provided to users. The securities market or transactions with similar assets will also become available.

It should be noted that earlier the law provided for a ban on financial marketplaces to provide banking services in conjunction with other activities. However, there were exceptions for trade organizers, registrars, etc. 

However, the new legislation does not imply this prohibition. In other words, information system operators that issue digital financial assets or exchange them can also perform other activities.

The State Duma has finally adopted the bill. Therefore, from the moment of the official publication date, it will take effect. It should be noted that earlier it became known about the desire of "Sber" to open trading in digital financial assets.

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