Cryptocurrency broker FPG has suspended payments

Cryptocurrency broker Floating Point Group has decided to completely suspend trading. It will also affect the replenishment of the account and the withdrawal of the deposit. They explained it as a cybersecurity problem.

What happened at the broker?

The other day, the team discovered problems in their system. The damage previously amounted to about 15-20 million dollars. As soon as they were identified, the developers blocked absolutely all accounts. User funds were sent to new crypto wallets. They will remain there until the extent of the hacker attack is determined and how it occurred.due to the segregation of accounts, the hacker attack was limited.

The broker contacted the law enforcement agencies. They also cooperate with the FBI and other competent authorities. Chainalysis also joined the proceedings.

Experts reported that they are working 24/7 to ensure the complete security of the system and return the stolen funds. Note that the broker has a SOC-2 certificate. He confirms that the company has implemented security measures, confidentiality, other tools and methods of protection. 

The Block publication reports that about 100 broker users manage funds in the amount of $ 50 billion. At the same time, the company has a VASP license issued in the Cayman Islands.

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