Representatives of Tether: the New York prosecutor's office transmits documents to journalists

Tether company issues stable USDT coins. She recently reported that the NY Attorney General's Office handed over to CoinDesk data on the 2021 court case.

What documents are we talking about

In 2021, a dispute arose between Tether, the Bitfinex crypto exchange and the New York state government. Then the sites decided to pay more than $ 18 million to settle the dispute. Then the head of the prosecutor's office said that the companies were hiding huge financial losses.

Later, Tezer sent a petition to protect trade secrets and prohibit the disclosure of data on stablecoin reserves. This happened after CoinDesk joined the process.

Representatives of Tezer reported that it does not relate to the proceedings in any way. At the same time, the agreed provisions should not be revised. In the conditions of dispute settlement, a requirement was made to provide reporting on their reserves. The company honestly fulfilled it.

Tether has started this trial in order to prevent the public dissemination of commercial information that can be used by attackers. However, the trial will not be launched, as there are other more real problems.

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