Uniswap gave recommendations on the use of Wormhole and Axelar cross-chain bridges

We are talking about Uniswap Fundation. This company is a committee that evaluates cross-chain projects. He gave recommendations on the use of Warmhole and Axelar as connecting elements in order to further deploy between crypto networks.

What is known about this

At the beginning of this year, members of the crypto community voted for the use of Warmhole to launch the protocol on the BNB Chain. However, the initiative was strongly contested. The vote was called controversial.

In early spring, the company that develops the ecosystem of the site announced the creation of a committee. It analyzes and explores cross-chain bridges, solutions and proposals to determine further actions.

This is what the committee suggested using the above bridges to manage governance messages during subsequent deployments between crypto networks. However, at the same time, he also suggests that users continue to constantly analyze these bridges, as well as other similar projects.

Experts believe that these bridges are the best option. However, such projects are only being created. Therefore, they are not reliable enough.

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